Humanoid Robot

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ROBOT – Mitri & Mitra msl

Mitri & Mitra are Humanoid Robots that are woman and man versions of robot built resembling the human body shape. These robots possess greater precision in their Artificial Intelligence capabilities.

Face recognition

To recognise visitors, identify their age, gender, emotional levels and do a lot more with computer vision.

Intelligent Conversations

To Engage your customers with the customised conversation engine that will recognise user’s speech input and deliver appropriate content with natural language processing in any language.

Autonomous Navigation

Robot moves around autonomously and with a centimeter level precision to open up a range of location services to suit your business needs.

We at Muthu Soft Labs, create a Mitra or Mitri to suit your business need which is a new baby-birth for the Robot. Yes !! A specially designed Mitra & Mitri shall be created as a new-born baby as per your business requirements.

Imagination is boundaryless!!

Mitra & Mitri can be made to be born as any of the following

  • Waiter at a hotel
  • To welcome guests at a marriage
  • Receptionist in a garment shop
  • Teacher to students
  • Care-taker to patients
  • Play-Toy at a crèche for kids

And what not !

Muthu Soft Labs propels you to re-engineer the way you do your business with Robotic Automation of key services.

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