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Training & Support

At the final stages of each project, we offer all the necessary guidance on core technologies and back office integration to ensure that your employees have the knowledge to make possible on-going maintenance and integration with your other system.

We also supply alert steady checking of the solution after going live to make sure that worth is continued in the live surroundings with real users. We also carry on working with you in changeable capacities to hold up the enduring success of the solution that the correct mix of services are offered as part of our ongoing partnership.

Muthu Soft Labs move toward to the continuing support and upholding of the technologies is based on the base of a partnership between both organizations. A key component to this partnership is the transmit of the information to internal staff so that they act as “super users” of the solution. It is through this open support partnership that we are not only able to provide the support mechanisms for your team, but also focus on incremental improvement to the solution.

All software developed and executed by Muthu Soft Labs is enclosed against fault by a warranty period which begins from the date of operation. During the guarantee period, issues raised that are determined to be defect will be corrected free of charge even as all other support and maintenance will be charged according to our pre-arranged consulting rates.